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Stand Out Display offers a range of display cases and fixtures to ensure your products stand out from the competition. 

Quality Assured

Value Guaranteed

Expert Design

Showcase Suite 


Our Kansas multi panel display allows up to four layers of visual merchandising per bay. Interconnecting displays can be produced from 1 bay to 10 bays. Our panels are made using quality slatmesh panels that accept peg hooks or slatwall fixtures, and being mesh allow you to see products on the panels behind. Mounted on smooth gliding rollers, our Kansas Multi Display Panel allows a condensing rate of up to 3 x times normal.

  • Layered Visual Merchandising
  • Flexible Fixture Options
  • Condensing Rate 3 x Normal


For those situations that demand high visual appeal and high security our Kentucky secure glass display doors offer a high security toughened or laminated glass door set with locking systems to suit your needs.

Optional LED lighting can be incorporated into the design , which will have your high-value items secured and looking great

  • Great Visual Appeal
  • Locking Options To Suit Your Needs
  • LED Lighting


Our rechargeable, cordless range of cabinets, designed for the display space without accessible power outlets. Your displays will Stand Out for up to 8 hours. Simply replace or recharge the removeable battery. Low voltage, LED lighting will ensure your displays are highlighted even when the showcase is in the centre of a room or hallway.

  • Cordless
  • 8 Hours Of Charge
  • LED Lighting


A flat pack design ensures ease of shipping. Whether 1 or 1000 units, our unique packaging ensures you can safely distribute your display solutions across the country and beyond. Liberty displays come with clear simple assembly instructions, in English! Once assembled, these displays retain all the sophisticated display features that can be found across our suite.

  • Flat Pack Design
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Easy Shipping


Innovative, mobile and reliable service and point of sale counters, with front impulse display and LED lighting! Our service counters offer security and convenience with lockable storage. Market service counters look incredible as stand-alone units or as part of a suite of elegant, top quality, counter display units. Stand Out service counters are customisable and can be designed for any industry.

  • Mobile
  • Secure
  • Customizable

A big range of big showcases with the large price tag! Featuring our most popular glass display cabinet the Texas Triple Mannequin is our largest mannequin display case and has been designed to house 3 x full body mannequins. All our Texas display solutions are supremely stylish in design to maximise your presentations. Simply ideal for shopping centres and museums, Stand Out from the competition.

  • Extra Large
  • Full Size Mannequin Displays
  • Value


 A beautifully crafted range of full glass showcases at entry level pricing. Our essence cabinets contain many of the features and quality build specifications as our premium cabinets.  Perfect for the budget conscious buyer who will not compromise on quality. Everyone can ‘Stand Out with an Essence showcase.
  • Value For Money
  • Budget Minded
  • Outstanding Value


Display cabinets for collectors, retailers or timeless elegance, smooth lines and effortless sophistication are the hallmarks of our Washington Range. These superb showcases are presented in market-leading quality and unrivalled value for money. Ideal for Museums, Private Collectors, Schools, Libraries and Government departments.
  • Elegant
  • Market Leading Design
  • Sophisticated


Retail Display 


Our Battery merchandisers are responsible for 30% in store brand growth in a national retail environment, due to greater visual appeal and customer engagement.

  • Brand Growth
  • Visually Appealing
  • Easy Customer Interactions


Our spooled wire merchandiser reduced product down time, and saved employees time and effort in restocking.
  • Neat
  • Less Product Down Time
  • Ease Of Restocking


Product Merchandisers

Our merchandisers make your product the hero, we specialise in the hard to do. Let’s talk about your product display needs.

  • Increase Your Sales
  • Innovative Design
  • Cost Effective


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