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We are Stand Out Display Company. You can call us SODC, as we like to keep things simple.  

High Quality Materials

Expert Manufacturing

Value Guaranteed

100+ Years Of Experience



We are highly experienced in the creation, design and installation of retail fixtures and display. Stand Out Display Company works closely with every client to discuss and work through the requirements of the project. We take this information and create designs based on the following factors. 
        ◦        Purpose
        ◦        Position
        ◦        Scale
        ◦        Competition
        ◦        Budget and 

        ◦        Corporate guidance. 


We call this factored design and manufacturing. 


Our Mission

Provide every client with the highest quality design fixture solution for their required application. 

Our Vision

To offer the most efficient service and highest level of customer service to our clients across the globe. 


Meet our global SODC team -made up of 100 years worth of display experience


Director of Design & Detail

Jock has been creating product displays for over 40 years. Yes – he’s Scottish, pretty old and very wise. 


Director of Form & Function

Michael is the display case giant (well he is 6 foot 3), with 38 years of designing and constructing showcases under his belt.


Director of Engagement & Experience

Sam and Kevin both like to talk. Outstanding designs come from talking to you about what you hope to achieve. 



Director of Branding & Buzz

When we talk,we learn – about you, about your customers.

Let’s talk about how we can make your products STAND OUT.

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